Community Counseling Center is committed to ensuring that customer service excellence is an integral part of the planning, resourcing, and delivery of all services. Clients will receive consistently excellent standards of customer service We will treat all persons, clients, fellow workers, students and members of the community we serve with respect, dignity, and courtesy. We will treat all individuals in a caring and professional manner with sensitivity to the individual’s background, culture, spiritual tradition, and heritage.


Community Counseling Center supports high ethical and professional standards that promote equality and honesty and provide for quality, cost-effective care. We will conduct all our business with honesty, integrity, and responsibility. We will comply with all laws and regulations. We will fairly and accurately represent ourselves and our capabilities to those we serve. We will provide services only to those clients for whom we can safely care for within this organization. We will follow well-designed standards of care based upon the needs of our clients and community and we will provide care that is comparable quality regardless of the setting in which that care is rendered.


We believe in the uniqueness and individual worth of those we serve as well as their right to be treated with dignity and respect. Further, we believe it is our privilege to offer comprehensive substance abuse services to our community to enhance the quality of life of those we serve. We believe in the consumer-driven delivery of personalized services. We recognize that meeting the needs of those we serve requires a willingness to listen and respond with a high level of sensitivity and concern.