Initial Assessment for Individual and/or Group Counseling

On your first appointment, you will receive an initial assessment. This assessment will help determine the extent of your problem and the level of care needed to address that problem.  This assessment is an important first step towards empowering participants to make the necessary decisions to avoid further problems.

Out-Patient & Court Referred Treatment

Out-Patient treatment offers individual and group counseling with a minimum of three (3) individual counseling sessions.  An individual counseling session will be conducted at the beginning of treatment to gather information in order to develop a treatment plan.  Again, at mid-point of treatment, in order to review the treatment plan for necessary changes, and at successful completion of out-patient treatment for discharge planning.  Additionally, individual counseling may be necessary so that counselors can assess participant’s progress and discuss any administrative or personal matters that are stopping the participants from successfully completing the program.

Groups are conducted by skilled counselors to encourage participants to share ideas and information so that they can identify and resolve their alcohol/drug-related problems.  Group sessions provide an opportunity for participants to examine their own behavior and personal attitudes, and provide support for positive change.

DUI Program

Offenders who have been convicted of DUI-related driving offenses in the State of Kentucky must satisfactorily complete a Kentucky state-approved DUI program before their driver’s license can be reissued.  CCC uses state-approved programs that include:  The PRIME fro Life PRI 20-hr. education program and out-patient group and individual counseling for 1st time and multiple DUI offenders.

CCC’s programs are designed not only to satisfy court-mandated requirements, but also to bring about significant improvements in people’s lives including:  demonstrating improved physical and mental health, developing better family relationships and taking responsibility for financial affairs and economic stability.

Case Management

We offering case management services under the Affordable Care Act.  The ACA has placed case management functions such as planning, assessing, care transitions and specifically care coordination center stage allowing us to provide you with better managed care.

Other Interventions

Assessment is an on-going process.  As such, it may be discovered that additional services outside the scope of services provided by CCC may be needed.  On these occasions, referrals will be made.  Additionally, attending approved self-help meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous and/or Narcotics Anonymous, may be required to increase the participant’s knowledge of addiction and recovery-oriented support options.